Future for Local Government

An independent Panel is reviewing the system of local governance. To keep enhancing our communities’ wellbeing, we need to take a fresh look at some basic questions, and reframe our approach. This is an opportunity for a once-in-a-generation reset.

Future for Local Government

The current local government framework is 30 years old.  It’s not fit for today, let alone the future. We’ve been pushing for this review and we’re pleased the Government has launched it. There is a huge opportunity to rebalance the roles of central and local government, including funding models. While system reform is needed, it isn’t a silver bullet. People remain critical to any system: they consume the services, deliver them, and regulate them. Local government’s strength is that connection to our communities.

In October 2021, the Panel released its interim report, defining the scope of its work over the next year. Read our initial policy analysis.


Media releases

LGNZ sees potential in future-focused report but change can’t be one-sided - Stuart Crosby, President, LGNZ

“There is a huge opportunity to rebalance the roles of central and local government, and that means all parties have to be open to changing their roles if we want to achieve different outcomes for communities.”

Future for local government initiative a historic opportunity for New Zealand - Stuart Crosby, President, LGNZ

“We encourage all New Zealanders to engage with the Future for Local Government – this is your opportunity to shape local democracy, the closest form of government to the people.”

Read more about the Panel’s work on their website.