Te Korowai

Insight. Implementation. Impact.

For six years, LGNZ’s local government excellence programme (formerly known as CouncilMARK), has been guiding local councils/kaunihera towards excellence and continuous improvement.

In 2022, we took a significant step forward, refining our approach to better tackle the challenges of today. We've expanded beyond assessments and performance benchmarking to continuous development — supporting councils/kaunihera to perform at their best. While maintaining our independence, our new wraparound support services foster genuine conversations about performance, nurturing growth, and ensuring councils/kaunihera can fulfil their community's aspirations.

Our new evolved programme, Te Korowai, draws its strength from its namesake, the korowai, a traditional cloak symbolising protection, unity, and growth in Māori culture. It's our commitment to safeguarding and empowering councils/kaunihera on their journey to excellence.

How does it work?

Te Korowai operates through three stages. Councils/kaunihera engage fully in benchmarking, action planning, and repeated evaluations every three years. But we've made it accessible to all, offering multiple pathways to join the programme.

Stage one: This stage begins with an integrity survey, allowing councils/kaunihera to evaluate their performance across six key areas independently.

  1. Governance, leadership and strategy.
  2. Financial decision-making and transparency.
  3. Service delivery and asset management.
  4. Communicating and engaging with the public and business.
  5. Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  6. Climate Change.

Stage two: An on-site visit enables independent assessors to gather insights from governance teams, staff/kaimahi, and community stakeholders, focusing on key areas 1-4.

Stage three: The outcomes and action planning process involves input from councils/kaunihera, culminating in a debrief and workshop to plan the next steps.

By the end of Te Korowai, you'll have a deeper understanding of strengths and weaknesses, enabling faster, more effective decision-making and a clear action plan for continuous improvement.

When's the best time to start?

Whether it's a new leadership transition, preparing for long-term planning, or simply ensuring smooth operations, Te Korowai offers invaluable insights. The best time to get started with Te Korowai – is now.

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Elke Thompson (she/her), Programme Manager
Te Korowai, LGNZ