Future for Local Government Advisory Group

LGNZ’s AGM voted to develop a consensus position/s on the Future for Local Government report.

National Council has created an advisory panel to help guide the process of developing a consensus position.

The group includes:

  • LGNZ President – Mayor Sam Broughton
  • Te Maruata representatives – Councillor Moko Tauariki, Mayor Faylene Tunui
  • Young Elected Members representative – Councillor Alex Crackett
  • CBEC representative – Co-Chair Sarah Lucas
  • Six other elected members ­– Mayor Anita Baker, Mayor Max Baxter, Mayor Tim Cadogan, Deputy Mayor Angela O’Leary, Chair Peter Scott and Mayor Andrew Tripe.
  • Three chief executive representatives – Taituarā President (Barbara McKerrow is currently acting), Steve Ruru and Alex Parmley.