Zone 6 representative/Mosgiel Taieri Community Board
Regan Horrell

Community board member, drummer, teacher

“Community boards play a pivotal role in local government by advocating on behalf of their communities to their local councils.”

Regan Horrell is well practiced when it comes to advocacy. Prior to joining local government, he created and managed a community social media platform, built on the back of a 25-year media career specialising in local authority issues in his region.

He says this work has helped him form key connections across the community and with government, which aid him in his goal to ensure the voice of his community is heard loud and clear.

While communicating local government practices to others can be a challenge, Regan believes that when people understand the relationship between councils and communities, their input and voices can bring about positive and productive change.

Unsurprisingly, he believes success could be amplified through greater community consultation, greater transparency and greater effort placed on working with communities to find local solutions to local problems.

To be a great elected member, Regan says you need to be willing to listen to all viewpoints, carefully consider all information and be prepared to work within a framework to achieve the best possible outcome for the community you serve.

Regan has lived and travelled extensively throughout the South Island and loves the amazing landscapes and people it is home to – friendly, genuine, honest and hard-working.