Te Ringa Maimoa

The Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership is a joint effort involving LGNZ, Waka Kotahi, and all road controlling authorities.

The goal is to enhance business practices in the transport sector. This programme focuses on improving the sector's capabilities and excellence, leading to better decision-making for investments based on solid activity planning, service delivery, and quality comparative data.

The programme's success comes from the collaboration between local government and Waka Kotahi, promoting a philosophy of working "for the sector, by the sector." Te Ringa Maimoa helps road-controlling authorities understand the requirements of the Government Policy Statement on land transport and encourages them to be more strategic buyers. It provides tools and guidance to enhance performance.

Originally known as the Road Efficiency Group, this partnership was established in 2012 to implement the recommendations of the Road Maintenance Task Force.

Learn more on the Te Ringa Maimoa website  nzta.govt.nz/tep