All councils want their communities to be able to access affordable and healthy homes.

Delivering the right housing at the right time is a fundamental part of New Zealand’s social and economic future.

Councils support the provision of housing through their consenting functions and through provision of infrastructure. Some provide social and community housing. Access to a broad range of infrastructure funding and financing tools is critical for councils/kaunihera to be able to support improvement in the development, supply and availability of homes.

Our work has enabled greater collaboration and brought positive change for communities. We’ve surveyed members to identify opportunities to increase housing stock as well as any barriers which can be removed easily via government intervention. We helped secure a $350 million fund to help councils expand housing stock through new builds. And we’ve continued to advocate for councils being eligible for the Income Related Rent Subsidy.

We’ve also engaged with central government on the National Policy Statement on Urban Development and rules that enable rapid acceleration of supply of housing in areas where demand is high.

Our work to date

The timeline below summarises activity to date.

August 2022

We submitted on the work that the previous government had underway to review the building consent system.

Read the submission: Feedback on the building consent system issues discussion document

May 2022

We advocated for Councils to play a role in social housing as a viable option to address the housing crisis.

Read the publication: The case for councils being community housing providers

November 2021

We gave input on the government’s proposed bill to amend the Resource Management Act to accelerate the supply of housing where demand is high.

Read the submission: The Government’s RM (Enabling Housing Supply) Amendment Bill

October 2021

We advocated for sustainable solutions to addressing the housing crisis.

Read the media release: Can’t fix housing without addressing funding

July 2021

We submitted on the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development’s proposal for the future of housing and urban development.

Read the submission: Ministry of Housing and Urban Development’s Discussion Document

April 2021

We commissioned Sense partners to explore how spatial planning can improve housing affordability.

Read the report: Done right, spatial planning can help improve housing affordability, or

Read a summary of the report.

March 2021

We advocated for intervention to cool our out-of-control housing market.

Read the media release: LGNZ welcomes well-rounded housing package