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LGNZ has released its 3 Waters project position paper "Improving New Zealand's water, Wastewater and Stormwater Sector" and is seeking feedback from the local government sector as part of a consultation process.

LGNZ's major transport study, Mobilising the Regions, highlights the economic and social impact of strategic transport decisions nationally and in the regions, and the direct link between regional development, national prosperity, social well-being and cohesiveness.

The Local Government Insurance Market Review was prepared for Local Government New Zealand by Craig Stobo of the Local Government Funding Agency.

An issues paper prepared for LGNZ by Castalia Strategic Advisors. The LGNZ 3 Waters project is a proactive and collaborative effort by local government, central government and the water sector to improve asset performance and service provision in potable, waste and stormwater across New Zealand.

Two core ideas dominate natural hazards management:

the need for issue and place-specific responses; and
the need for integration and collaboration to develop and deliver those effective responses across the many players with a role to play.

Coromandel is well known for its sandy bays, surfing, Pohutukawa trees and strong views on protection of the environment. But right now TCDC is demanding attention not only for its beaches but its balance sheet.

What provision should be made in local government legislation?Community-level governance is a focus in much of the public sector reform occurring in the world at the moment. Interest in this topic stems from two major sources.

This agreement was developed in response to the need for a template agreement to assist in local government contracting for waste kerbside collection.

LGNZ and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment asked NZIER to author this paper in order to understand the comparative advantages of the six core cities and broader regional economic data gaps and policy issues.

This report is authored by NZIER who was asked by LGNZ and the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment to look at the scope for a collaborative city network in New Zealand.