City and Regional Deals – Options and key considerations

7 February 2024

The coalition government has signalled that it’s interested in long-term city and regional deals as a way to partner with local government to create pipelines of regional projects.

In late 2023, LGNZ commissioned Linda Meade, Director at Kalimena Advisory, to produce a paper for local government leaders to provide insight into international experience around city and regional deals, and how this might be applied in the New Zealand context. The paper, and accompanying set of slides, sets out background on the key elements of city and regional deals, different options that have been used in the United Kingdom and Australia, and considerations and key takeaways that could be applied when designing a city and regional deals framework for New Zealand. LGNZ wants to work closely with its members to design a city and regional deals framework that is fit-for-purpose and will deliver the best outcomes for our communities.

Kalimena Advisory is a small yet influential consulting firm specialising in providing expert advice on city and regional deals, focused on achieving the most favourable outcomes for people and communities. Kalimena offers strategic guidance and solutions that go beyond the conventional, drawing on its ability to navigate the web of factors influencing the success of city and regional deals – from regulatory landscapes to socio-economic dynamics to infrastructure investment frameworks.

Read the publication: City and Regional Deals

Read the presentation City and Regional Deals – slide deck