Date updated: 23 June 2017

  • Local government position statement on localism

    Published: July 15, 2018

    Local government is calling for a shift in the way public decisions are made in New Zealand by seeking a commitment to localism. Instead of relying on central government to decide what is good for our communities it is time to empower councils and communities themselves to make such decisions. Strengthening self-government at the local level means putting people back in charge of politics and reinvigorating our democracy. We are calling for an active programme of devolution and decentralisation.

  • Localism Project on a page

    Published: July 14, 2018

    LGNZ is re-designing government from a localist perspective.  Excessive centralisation leads to a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and can lead to bottlenecks in policy-making & implementation when empowered local government could just get on and get things done.  New Zealand needs local innovation and local solutions to the problems and challenges of economic growth, housing, roading and all those other issues that affect people’s lives.

  • Draft sector position on mitigation

    Published: July 12, 2018

    The purpose of the draft sector position is to signal the ambition that local government has for, and the commitments it makes to contributing to, the overall effort to reduce emissions in New Zealand. It also sets out the further support that local authorities need in order to enhance their contributions to emissions reductions. 

  • Stocktake of local government mitigation activity

    Published: July 12, 2018

    We are pleased to launch a stocktake of actions and strategies that councils across the country have adopted to contribute to emissions reductions.  The stocktake includes actions that councils are taking to reduce their organisation’s emissions, as well as actions and strategies designed to support or coordinate community emissions reduction efforts.

  • Water 2050: Cost and funding – Meeting the costs of water infrastructure

    Published: June 25, 2018

    LGNZ is building on our earlier 3 Waters work through Water 2050, a project that proposes and substantiates the premise for a new, integrated water policy framework. The framework has five components: allocation, water quality, infrastructure, cost and funding, and governance. This report outlines a range of funding options that will be used to feed into the funding policy development programme.

  • Housing 2030 project on a page

    Published: June 14, 2018

    LGNZ is working with central government, iwi and stakeholders to create a regulatory and investment framework for the housing market that is competitive, provides affordable ownership and renting options, and meets high quality standards.

  • Water 2050: Quality - Review of the framework for water quality

    Published: May 28, 2018

    LGNZ is building on our earlier 3 Waters work through Water 2050 which proposes that an integrated water policy framework is needed. There are five components; allocation, water quality, infrastructure, governance and cost/ funding. This report explores the issues with the framework for water quality and the opportunities for improvement.

  • Climate Change and Natural Hazards Decision Making Toolkit

    Published: May 16, 2018

    A legal toolkit for councils.

  • Provision of services infrastructure in areas affected by climate change

    Published: May 16, 2018

    This guidance document provides a brief overview of Simpson Grierson’s legal opinion on councils’ ability to stop or limit the provision of services infrastructure and potential liability consequences.

  • Development in natural hazard areas

    Published: May 16, 2018

    This guidance document provides a brief overview of Simpson Grierson’s legal opinion on councils’ ability to limit new or extended development in natural hazard areas.