Zone 6 chair/Mayor, Clutha District Council
Bryan Cadogan

Mayor, retired rugby player, gardener

“There is the genuine opportunity to make societal changes.”

Bryan Cadogan brings a unique perspective to his role as Mayor of Clutha. After years in the shearing sheds and owning a farm, he saw first-hand the shortcomings of the trickle-down approach to council support. These life experiences gave him an up-close look at a system in need of change.  

Despite the slow pace of change, Bryan finds working in local government rewarding because of the opportunity to make societal changes where it matters — at the grassroots.  

He loves his community in Clutha, which he says has never been perceived as overly appealing. But Bryan’s turning that around and is proud to have played a role in reversing the trend of young people leaving the district.  

As someone who has served his community for a number of years, Bryan believes it’s essential to uphold the values and principles that are the pillars of democracy. To make local government stronger, he thinks it’s essential to stop aligning it with political ideologies, restore the public's confidence in councils, and change to a four-year term.  

It’s Bryan’s opinion that good councillors, mayors, chairs, and community and local board members are those who are embedded in their community and have a record of serving others through volunteer work or a willingness to make sacrifices. 

In his free time, Bryan enjoys being active. He played competition rugby until his 50s but now spends his time gardening and riding his new Mark III Zephyr.