Zone 4 chair/Mayor, Kāpiti Coast District Council
Janet Holborow

Mayor, musician, composer, outdoors lover

“Local knows local. Decisions are best made close to those who are affected.”

Janet Holborow knows a thing or two about working hard and achieving goals. She has an honours degree in cello, a Masters in Composition and a history of organising shows and events.  

Her community was what motivated her to get involved in local government, first as a community board member and later as a councillor and mayor.  

She says the biggest reward as an elected member is being able to make positive change, as well as the inspiration that comes from meeting so many locals who pitch in and work hard for their communities or organisations. 

Janet believes there is a need to focus on building trust with local communities, working better with and alongside them, and involving them not just in decisions, but also priorities, strategies and everything council does.   

She is constantly inspired by her rohe’s creative sector, diversity of artistic businesses and individuals, and the many volunteers working in the environmental and social organisations. 

Community boards, local boards and councils are connected to their communities, Janet says, and can therefore address challenges and provide facilities that are right for them.