Ngā tohu SuperLocal
SuperLocal awards

The SuperLocal Awards recognise and celebrate excellent performance by councils/kaunihera in leading their communities and working together.

LGNZ's SuperLocal awards are about honouring excellence throughout the motu. The award categories include:

The SuperLeader Award

This award is for an exceptional elected member who leads by example. The winner of this award inspires others to action and takes people with them to make an outstanding contribution to your community. A SuperLeader brings out the best in everyone they work with, is an unconventional thinker, and gets things done.

The SuperCollab Award

This award is about extraordinary teamwork or partnership. An innovative collaboration or partnership that’s had a significant positive impact on all or part of your community’s social, economic, environmental and/or cultural wellbeing. The genuine partnership approach will have brought long-lasting benefits to all or some of your community.

The SuperIdea Award

This award is all about thinking outside the box. A breathtakingly clever solution to an age-old cultural, social, economic or environmental problem in the community. The idea will have shifted people’s thinking away from the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mentality to a new paradigm and way of doing things.

The SuperEngaged Award

This award is about exceptional engagement. Your cool and creative ways to capture the community’s attention and galvanise them have driven people to connect with local government and have their voices heard. The community feels trusted and valued by your engagement and is energised for the future.

The SuperLocal Supreme Award

This award recognises the overall winner, the cream of the crop, the best of the best. The Fulton Hogan SuperLocal Supreme Award is given to the nominee who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, collaboration, innovation, community engagement, and overall excellence.

Applications for the SuperLocal Awards will open in early 2024.

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