Grace Hall

Director Policy and Advocacy – Food lover, traveller, embracer of Wellington’s coast and wind

“I want local government to take charge of creating the future that it wants for itself, and I want this future to be informed by what’s in the best interests of communities.”

Grace Hall could be considered the living embodiment of a local government boomerang. This is her second time working at LGNZ but her involvement with local government began when she was at school as a member of the New Plymouth District Council Youth Subcommittee. 

Then there was her summer University internship at the New Plymouth District Council, her time working closely with councils and communities as a resource management lawyer, her role at Creative New Zealand working with councils to help them support their arts communities and her time as a senior advisor at Taituarā on resource management reform and climate change. 

It is clear to see why Grace keeps returning. She says she is inspired by the incredible people in local government, who might have different political perspectives and views, but are absolutely united in their commitment to their communities and the place they live.  

Her aim is to support councils to do the very best for their people, to make sure that national level decisions will work for regions, districts, towns and cities and to help build councils’ capacity and capability to support and lead their communities through massive change and challenges.