Zone 2 representative/Mayor, Hauraki District Council
Toby Adams

Mayor, triathlete, Ironman, sailor

“Doing what I can for the wellbeing of people is what keeps me motivated.”

Toby Adams’ interest in council was sparked during his years running an electrical business providing electrical data and security. Dealing with so many members of the community, he gained great insight into what the council was doing well, and where improvement was needed.

He says the role is both the most rewarding and the most challenging he has ever held. Making a difference for others is extremely satisfying, while balancing the needs and wants of a diverse community against a finite budget is hugely challenging.

A unique feature of local government is the way elected members are living day-to-day alongside the community they represent and can adapt quickly to the community’s needs, he says.

For local government to be more successful, Toby would like to see a more sustainable and equitable funding model, longer terms to enable elected members to really achieve outcomes, and more local decisions delivered locally.

Toby is motivated by the people he represents and the rohe he calls home. He says the region has been great to him and his family, and the driver for him wanting to give back.