Zone 6 representative/Mayor, Central Otago District Council
Tim Cadogan

Mayor, musician, squash player, aspiring ‘Wordle in One’ club member

“Local government needs people with courage. Courage to make decisions for the future, not what’s convenient now.”

Former lawyer, broadcaster and copywriter, Tim Cadogan was motivated to get involved in local government by the feeling that many in the community were not represented around the table. 

He wanted to see the council and community working more closely together and continually asks important questions like, are we representative of the people we serve?  Do we communicate with them on their terms instead of ours?  

Tim says the most rewarding things about local government is helping people to see a different point of view, meeting engaged groups and just being out and about across the district. 

He’s a firm believer in the need for greater diversity around the table, four-year terms and the ability for councils to find alternative funding sources.  

As for what makes a great elected member? It’s courage, he says. The courage to make decisions for future generations, the courage to listen and change your point of view, and the courage to not only do the mahi, but to also and ask for help when things get difficult.