Metro sector representative/Mayor, Christchurch City Council
Phil Mauger

Mayor, grandad, pragmatist, motor racing enthusiast

“Local government looks after the community you live in. It has to work well so that peoples’ day to day lives can run as smoothly as possible.” 

Phil Mauger entered local government to do his bit to give back to the community, using his practical background as an owner of a contracting company to help in getting the basics right. 

He finds working in local government to be hugely rewarding. He loves being able to meet so many amazing volunteers, whether they’re associated with an organisation or community group – it’s always a thrill to hear their stories and learn about their work, he notes.  

Phil emphasises the significant role of local government and its role in maintaining essential services that impact people's daily lives. From roads to rubbish pickup, these services need to function effectively to ensure peoples’ day to day lives can run as smoothly as possible.  

His vision for a brighter local government future? Less duplication with central government, increased flexibility in funding models for infrastructure projects, and simplified consultation requirements for quicker decision-making. He believes that good councillors, mayors, chairs, and community and local board members bring real-world experience and practical solutions to the table, enabling positive change in the community they serve. 

Off-duty, Phil's all about living life in the fast lane—quite literally. His lifelong love for motor racing keeps him busy on the track. And when he's not chasing speed, he's spending precious moments with his kids and grandkids. According to Phil, Christchurch isn't just a city; it's the ultimate blend of work, play, and life, blessed with top-notch facilities, wallet-friendly housing, and a bustling economy.