Provincial sector chair, Mayor New Plymouth District Council
Neil Holdom

Mayor, consultant, mountain biker

“There are amazing people and incredible projects in local government, particularly projects which we know will deliver value to communities over decades and potentially even the next century.”

Neil Holdom entered local government because he wanted to address the lack of investment in public asset management. His background in the energy sector and work as a management consultant provides him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing local councils.

Neil finds working in local government rewarding due to the inspiring projects and people it encompasses. He believes in the importance of local government, emphasising community involvement in shaping development for intergenerational well-being. He says communities benefit from having high quality public assets and services underpinned by strong balance sheets.

Beyond work, Neil enjoys family life, cooking, mountain biking, and exploring New Zealand. His passion for Taranaki, a region known for its natural beauty and rich culture defined by Mana Whenua, drives his vision for the future.

Neil advocates for benchmarking, collaboration, trust-building with central government, and forward-thinking planning as key to local government success.