Zone 1 representative/Mayor, Far North District Council
Moko Tepania

Mayor, teacher, cross fitter

“Being able to make positive differences in the Far North is the most rewarding part of working in local government for me.” 

For Moko Tepania, local government is a place where mokopuna decisions are made. Motivated by a desire to influence change from within rather than moaning about it from the outside, Moko embraced a role in local government to make a real impact. With a decade of teaching under his belt, he's well aware of how education and governance dance hand in hand.

To Moko, local government is more than just decision making—it's a platform for the genuine voices of the community to be heard. He's a firm believer that active participation and community engagement are the secret sauce for a brighter tomorrow. His vision for successful local government? Real partnerships, voices amplified, and resources flowing where they're needed most.

His love for the Far North stems from its cultural diversity and unique heritage - Hokianga in the west, where Kupe arrived in Aotearoa, Waitangi in the east where He Whakaputanga - the Declaration of Independence of New Zealand and Te Tiriti o Waitangi were both signed. And the north is the home of Te Rerenga Wairua, souls depart to the afterlife.

When he's not wearing his Mayor's hat, you'll find Moko in the zone at CrossFit, whipping up some baking, or diving into the pages of a good book.