Zone 5 chair/Mayor, Waimakariri District Council
Dan Gordon

Mayor, Explorer, Reader

“Every time someone turns on a tap, flushes a toilet, drives down the road or plays at a playground, that is something which has been provided by local government.”

Dan Gordon’s journey into local government began by lending a hand to former MP Jim Gerard's mayoral campaign in 2001. This experience kindled his interest in local politics, showing him the potential to make tangible changes right where it counts. It wasn't long before he took a leap onto local government himself.  

Every day is different when you work in local government, Dan notes. He enjoys helping people and has learned that it’s often the smallest things that can make the biggest difference. He thinks it’s important that residents can have their say on the issues that directly impact their quality of life. 

To enhance local government’s effectiveness, Dan highlights the importance of sustainable funding, stronger partnerships with central government, and avoiding unfunded mandates. He believes that successful leaders in local government are those who are deeply connected to their communities, are approachable, attentive listeners, and open to embracing change for the betterment of residents' lives. 

Outside of work, Dan’s an avid reader, and enjoys gardening, walking, watching movies and spending time with his family and friends. He enjoys the lifestyle the Waimakariri District offers — it has something for everyone, from the mountains to the sea and everything in between.