Zone 3 representative/Mayor, Wairoa District Council
Craig Little

Mayor, farmer, fisherman

“Making our district a better place to live in, and to give our community a clear voice.”

Hailing from the heart of Wairoa, Craig Little is passionate about his community. With a background as a farmer and a former electrician, he got involved in local government because he wanted to improve his community and make sure their voices were heard loud and clear. He finds it fulfilling to see his community prosper and grow and sees the importance of advocating for remote places that can — in his words — be forgotten about. 

For Craig, local government isn't just important —it's essential. He values how it takes into account the distinctive needs of each community, needs that might escape the notice of central government. He believes local government is the bridge that connects unique communities to the bigger picture. 

Craig loves his community's spirit and diversity. To enhance the success of local government, he envisions external funding, a deeper understanding of local government's role by the central authorities, and a broader scope for local government by integrating various government agencies within it. 

When the work hat is off, Craig is out there embracing his love for boating, casting his line for fishing adventures, and cheering on his kids as they take the sports field.