YEM representative/Councillor, Invercargill City Council
Alex Crackett

Councillor, UX expert, gym goer and gamer

“I’d love to see a future for local government by local government.”

Alex’s path into local government was driven by a real passion to give back and to make sure everyone's voice gets heard. Balancing her role as a councillor with her job as the Head of Marketing and Client Experience at a local business advisory and accounting firm, she's all about staying connected to her roots. 

The most fulfilling part of her role? Teaming up with a bunch of different communities and actually getting things done that make a real difference to her rohe.  

Alex knows that local government decisions seriously impact the people in her community. From the big moves to the small shifts, local government shapes the stuff we do every day, even if we don't always notice it. 

Outside of work, Alex unwinds by hanging out with her family, hitting the gym, gaming, and devouring personal development books she’s most likely grabbed at the airport. Proudly representing Invercargill, she unveils its lesser-known sunny disposition (1,600 hours of sunshine a year!) and unique geographical treasures. 

So, what's Alex's vision for the future of local government? It's all about folks coming together, putting their heads down, and making stuff happen. She's not just talking the talk; she's all about taking those ideas and turning them into action.