Research reveals libraries are huge contributors to community wellbeing

9 March 2023

We’re delighted to share with you new research we’ve undertaken with FrankAdvice on the value of public libraries.

Public libraries are vibrant community hubs that enhance community wellbeing and social cohesion. They’re also important places where local government and central government can deliver key local services – ones specific to their communities needs and wants.

Read our summary of the research

What’s the FrankAdvice research report about? 

In the report you’ll find:

  • evidence that libraries are already trusted providers of government services – ones that extend well beyond libraries’ traditional core services;
  • an overview of relevant literature that show how libraries are evolving their services to enhance community wellbeing in Aotearoa and around the world;
  • the findings of our survey of 39 public libraries in New Zealand;
  • a series of case studies highlighting best practice and innovative service delivery already happening.

Why have we done this work? 

In 2022, LGNZ began working with FrankAdvice to better understand the role of libraries in public service delivery, and how they might provide a model for a more joined-up approach to service delivery that enhances community wellbeing. We want to use this work to demonstrate the value that libraries provide to communities. It’s also relevant to the Future for Local Government Review.

What will we do with this research?  

We’ll encourage councils to consider how they can enable and resource public libraries to evolve their services and better enhance community wellbeing. And we’ll use this research to engage with the Government on ways it can better support public libraries to deliver value to communities.

We’ll also continue to work closely with key stakeholders in the library sector to look for further opportunities to advocate for the value of libraries.

Read the full FrankAdvice research paper here