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Timeframes for resource management and three waters submissions

We've now shared our resource management draft submission and our Three Waters submission outline.

Resource management reform 

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on the outline of LGNZ’s resource management submission. We've now developed a draft submission based on that outline and your feedback. 

Read our draft submission

You can use our draft submission to help you prepare your own during January 2023. We also welcome any feedback you have on the draft so that we can incorporate that into our final submission. 

See our list of questions we want your thoughts on 

Getting an extension on your resource management submission

We know the timeframes for submissions on resource management are really unhelpful – and have repeatedly fed this back to the Government. The Environment Select Committee has extended its deadline for written submissions but only slightly, from 30 January to 5 February.  However, they said they would consider a further extension for submissions until 19 February on a case-by-case basis

If you want an extension to the Environment Select Committee’s submission deadline, you can request it. Email Environment@parliament.govt.nz with your request. 

Three Waters Reform: two new bills 

Mid-December, the Water Services Legislation Bill and the Water Services Economic Efficiency and Consumer Protection Bill had their first reading and were referred to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee. The Committee has set a deadline of Friday 17 February for submissions from councils – although today it has written to councils saying requests for extensions may be considered. 

We've developed a submission outline

This outline sets out the high-level points we’ll develop further in our submission – and we want to know what you think.  It also flags issues that we think councils will be concerned with and potentially want to submit on.

Read outline

If you have any feedback on the outline, we’re very happy to receive it but recognise the timeframes are very difficult. We’ll be working on our draft submission in the first half of January and are planning to share that draft submission with you for feedback later in January.

Please provide feedback on the outline by Friday 27 January to submission@lgnz.co.nz