Community board awards

Since they were established in 1989, community boards across the country have implemented an enormous number and range of projects.

From re-establishing community services to creating new and innovative facilities and programmes, community boards have demonstrated that their valuable role in local government goes beyond advocating for their communities.

Since 2003, the Community Board Executive Committee has sponsored the Community Board Best Practice Awards to celebrate excellence in the implementation of projects in local government.

The awards aim to:

  • recognise significant contributions made by community boards to the process of achieving excellence in local government;
  • build a toolbox as a base for improving the effectiveness and function of community boards; and
  • foster the exchange of best practice and innovative ideas.

The awards take place every two years at the New Zealand Community Boards Conference.

To view the 2019 Community Board Awards recipients click here.


The Community Board Best Practice Awards have a range of categories that reflect the diversity of the work community boards undertake. 

Information on how to enter the Community Board Best Practice Awards.