Ngā hua o te mematanga
Benefits of membership

LGNZ membership offers a range of benefits, including advocacy, networking, and professional development opportunities.

We advocate on your behalf on the issues that matter most to you and work to ensure all members are included, well-connected, supported and have the skills they need to deliver to the best of their abilities.

As members you gain access to:

1. LGNZ’s research, insights, advice, campaigns and policy development on government reforms and issues that matter

We provide comprehensive advice and expert knowledge on the policy and regulation that impacts local government. Our subject matter experts break it all down into manageable pieces and help you to understand what it means for you.

Our team then will listen to the needs and wants of councils, take an evidence-based approach and advocate a position that will deliver the best possible outcomes for local government.  Our relationships enable our early involvement and influence in policy work.   

About our policy and advocacy

2. National campaigns for national challenges

We are the unashamedly champions of local government, campaigning hard within the community on the importance of councils to the people they serve. This includes promoting local body elections, advocating for civics education to be included in the school curriculum, and providing media advice and coordination to ensure the public understands the stories, values and importance of local democracy.   

LGNZ is the home for sector-wide programmes that support and fund cross-community programmes, with expert staff to manage and administer them such as the Mayors’ Taskforce for Jobs.

About our MTFJ programme

3. A series of regional and national networks and events

Being an elected member is no easy task. That's why we create forums where members can network, share knowledge and be supported.

Councils/kaunihera are grouped into networks of both geographical zones and demographic sectors, and we support regular meetings to ensure members can connect, share best practice and engage in our policy work. 

Our events and networking programme is also where central government, advisors, businesses and influencers come to hear from you directly and we use these events to shine a light on the things that matter most for the sector.

About our events and networking programme

4. Programmes to support continuous learning and development

The landscape of local government is always changing. That’s why we provide all the necessary education and resources to enable you to learn, grow and excel. Whether its issues of governance, understanding Te Ao Māori, dealing with media or how to interpret public policy, we have all the tools and resources you need to perform effectively in your role.

Our programme of professional development is designed specifically to support elected members throughout their career. We understand how challenging it can be as an elected member. When councils/kaunihera and elected members are dealing with tough issues, they can come to us for advice and experience in finding solutions.

About our learning and development programme

5. Programmes to enhance council/kaunihera performance

It is our role to help build capability and lift performance for the benefit of the entire local government sector.

We provide access to CouncilMARK™ a programme designed to improve support individual councils/kaunihera to further improve the service and value they provide. 

About CouncilMARK

6. Support and expertise in enhancing the diversity of local government and the inclusion of all

As a neutral, non-partisan collective we provide a forum for all members to speak/kōrero and be heard. We achieve this by working arm-in-arm with Taituarā – Local Government Professionals Aotearoa and with our own networks.

LGNZ also support three separate national committees to empower the unique requirements of specific member groups.

These are Te Maruata the Māori Committee, the Young Elected Members Committee and the Community Boards Executive Committee. 

About National Committees