Who is involved?

Allocation Reference Group

Jane Nees - Bay of Plenty Regional Council (Chair)
David Caygill - Environment Canterbury
Michael Meehan - West Coast Regional Council
Tipa Mahuta - Waikato Regional Council
Blair Dickie - Waikato Regional Council
Brian Hanna - Waitomo District Council

Quality Reference Group

Stuart Crosby - Bay of Plenty Regional Council (Chair)
Penny Pirrit - Auckland Council
Clare Barton - Nelson City Council
Jenny Brash - Greater Wellington Regional Council
Iaean Cranwell - Environment Canterbury
Samantha Gain - Greater Wellington Regional Council
Charlotte Cudby

Governance Reference Group

Rachel Reese - Nelson City Council (Chair)
Paula Southgate - Hamilton City Council
Gareth Green - Taupo District Council
Piri-Hira Tukapua - Horowhenua District Council
Vaughan Payne - Waikato Regional Council
Bayden Barber - Hastings District Council

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