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9 May 2018

Who is involved

At risk infrastructure working groupDr Rob Bell, NIWA
Gerard Cleary, Waimakariri District Council
Gavin Palmer, Otago Regional Council
Campbell Larking, Tauranga City Council
Glenn Cooper, Whakatane District Council
Natasha Carpenter, Auckland Council
David Down, Porirua City Council
Zac Jordan, Wellington City Council
Helen Beaumont, Christchurch City Council
Jonathan Gulland, Wellington Water
Nicki Williams, Kāpiti Coast District Council
Tom Dyer, Dunedin City...

1 November 2016

Who is involved?

Allocation Reference Group

Jane Nees - Bay of Plenty Regional Council (Chair)
David Caygill - Environment Canterbury
Michael Meehan - West Coast Regional Council
Tipa Mahuta - Waikato Regional Council
Blair Dickie - Waikato Regional Council
Brian Hanna - Waitomo District Council

Quality Reference Group

Stuart Crosby - Bay of Plenty Regional Council (Chair)
Penny Pirrit - Auckland Council

11 November 2014

Who owns brand New Zealand?

With 70% of our export economy branded as "clean and green New Zealand," is it time to move beyond the aspirational and deal with the pragmatic? Business must take its place alongside government in managing the place brand of New Zealand, and its underpinnings.

9 September 2013

Why do councils borrow?

Debt and assets: how do councils determine the right level of debt?One of the major questions all councils grapple with is how to pay for capital expenditure – what proportion should be paid by operational income and what proportion should be paid for by debt, whether by bank loan or...

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