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11. Collaboration to support regional growth - Canterbury Region

Collaboration to support regional growth

Regionally-significant activities often require collaboration of Government, local government and private entities to generate sizeable public benefit.

A good example of this is the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC). The CNC has been created through an alliance between Waka Kotahi, Christchurch City Council, Fulton Hogan, Aurecon and Jacobs. It is the first alliance contract of this size in the South Island.

Many people rebuilt their homes in North Canterbury following the earthquakes and Waimakariri is one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand. This project is critical to supporting the continued growth of Greater Christchurch as a liveable and accessible city, business centre, and export hub for the South Island’s economy.

It will enable sustainable residential development in the north of Christchurch and support commercial and industrial development throughout Canterbury.

The project includes new four lane motorway, off-road cyclist/pedestrian routes, and options for improved public transport corridor, express routes, high occupancy vehicle lanes, park and ride and other facilities.

The project brings many benefits to Greater Christchurch and the Canterbury community by unlocking space to provide safe solutions for all travel modes. The benefits include:

  • improving travel times for commuters;
  • improving freight movement in and out of Christchurch and Lyttelton Port;;
  • reducing congestion;
  • safer travel through motorway design and heavy traffic moved off suburban roads; and
  • encouraging walking, cycling and the use of public transport.