Water Authority Fiji

Water Authority Fiji (WAF) is a commercial statutory authority, established by the Government to provide water and wastewater services in Fiji. WAF is responsible for providing access to quality drinking water and wastewater services to over 144,000 residential and non-residential metered customers in urban areas, and setting up water supply systems for over 700,000 people in rural Fiji.

Asset management

The key objective of asset management is to maximise service delivery using a lifecycle approach to guide the planning, acquisition, operation and maintenance, renewal and disposal of assets. Throughout this process asset managers are also managing risks and costs.

Current work with Water Authority Fiji is focused on identifying asset classes and gathering data for all WAF water and wastewater assets. Determining the condition and criticality of assets is key to prioritising repair and replacements.

Training placements on instrumentation for water treatment is also planned for the near future.