Stocktake of local government mitigation activity

Published: Thursday, July 12, 2018

We are pleased to launch a stocktake of actions and strategies that councils across the country have adopted to contribute to emissions reductions.

The stocktake includes actions that councils are taking to reduce their organisation’s emissions, as well as actions and strategies designed to support or coordinate community emissions reduction efforts.

We encourage councils to review the stocktake and think about whether there are any actions or strategies that they could adopt to reduce emissions within their organisations and/or communities.  Climate change mitigation is an increasingly important area for councils and their communities, and the introduction of the Zero Carbon Bill later this year will further reinforce the need for councils to do more to contribute to New Zealand meeting its emissions reduction target.  This stocktake is designed to support councils to “do their bit”.

Read the full publication - 46628-LGNZ-Summary-of-Emission-Reduction-7-Proof-FINAL.pdf (1.9 MB)