Mobilising the Regions transport study

LGNZ's major transport study, Mobilising the Regions, highlights the economic and social impact of strategic transport decisions nationally and in the regions, and the direct link between regional development, national prosperity, social well-being and cohesiveness. 

Key outcomes

LGNZ is calling for two key transport outcomes to support stronger regional growth across all of New Zealand.  
These are:

  • Transport decision-makers apply consistent criteria across all modes.
  • Local communities and regional leaders work with transport decision-makers to highlight regional priorities and impacts.

Key actions

To achieve the outcomes LGNZ recommends that central and local government work together on three key actions to maximise the value of a “multi-modal” approach to transport in ways that support regional economies:

  • Develop processes to ensure that the full impacts of all maintenance, operations, investment and de-investment decisions are understood.
  • Partner to leverage existing government, business and community networks to ensure collective understanding of transport decisions and their regional impacts.
  • Ensure improved clarity, communication, inter-operability and evidence of value across decisions made in all modes.
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