Local Government Risk Agency

A centre of excellence for risk management

Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) has proposed a central risk agency that pools and coordinates local government resources to lower the risk and cost of disaster.

Getting better at preparing means communities and the nation can recover from disasters more quickly, both economically and socially.

We need to do this because New Zealand has a high natural hazard environment, exposed to earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, and volcanic activity.   Climate change will cause more severe and more frequent river and urban flooding, storms and high winds, storm surges and coastal erosion in coming years.

An agency would establish guidelines and models by which local government manages risks and shares information. It would harmonise practices, improve skills in management and financing, provide quality assurance, and supply expert staff.

Risk agency on a page

Click here for a one-page summary of the rationale for a risk agency, and the envisaged features and benefits. 

Risk financing in local government

This guide was prepared for LGNZ during the development of the business case for a Local Government Risk Agency.

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Natural hazards

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Quick facts

Collectively local authorities manage over $100 billion in fixed assets, which include vital infrastructure. This includes $44 billion of three waters infrastructure and $21.7 billion of buildings, land, and other assets (including community infrastructure such as halls, reserves, sport centres and libraries). 


October 2016: Government confirms decision on business case expected next year.

September 2016: Project starts work on Risk Framework guide for local councils.

August 2016: Project issues Risk Financing guide for local councils

June 2016: LGNZ forwarded business case to the Government for consideration as there are national considerations and budget requirements.

May 2016: LGNZ’s National Council approved the business case

April 2016: LGRA Establishment Board presented a business case for a Risk Agency to the LGNZ National Council.

June 2015: The Local Government Risk Agency project (LGRA) started in conjunction with the Crown.