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Strong, fit-for-purpose local government is the future for New ZealandKia ora koutou katoa, 

With major reforms in the pipeline across three waters, climate change and resource management our sector is facing systemic change at a fundamental level.

Greetings from LGNZ Chief Executive Susan Freeman-GreeneKia ora koutou katoa,

A lot is happening across the local government sector. We are pleased that much of our mahi is happening in partnership with central government for the benefit of our communities.

Season's greetings from LGNZ President Stuart CrosbyKia ora koutou katoa,

It’s fair to say that it’s been a tough year for everyone, including local government.   The challenges have been well-traversed by now – lockdowns, job losses and economic  uncertainty.

Greetings from LGNZ President Stuart Crosby Kia ora koutou katoa,

With the general election under our collective belt it’s about time that New Zealand had a difficult conversation about the future.

This month we take a look at the results of the recent LGNZ AGM, including the remit and leadership votes, as well as a brief note from the new LGNZ President and Vice-President.

Greetings from LGNZHaving spent four weeks in various levels of Covid induced lockdown, the importance of local facilities, infrastructure and indeed strong local democracy has perhaps never been higher in the minds of New Zealanders.

Greetings from LGNZThe COVID-19 crisis and ensuring lockdown has an created an unprecedented level of uncertainty over the last two months, and it seems that everywhere you look, change is afoot.

Greetings from LGNZThroughout the year we have aimed to play a straight bat in our commentary and advocacy.   Across the biggest issues, including housing, tourism, three waters, climate change, transport and localism, we've handed out both bouquets and brickbats.

Greetings from LGNZWhile the early stats showed that competitive local elections were on the cards around the country, and it appeared that more young people and women were putting their hands up for local government, it's fair to say here at LGNZ we weren't counting our chickens before they hatched.

Greetings from LGNZConversations and proposals around freshwater, urban development, climate change, drinking-water, youth employment and waste management have dominated political conversations across the country over the last month, and rightly so.   We've got big decisions to make on all these areas. And they're decisions that start local.

Greetings from LGNZHow do we empower communities to take charge of their social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being?  Through localism - a global concept that recognises that the best outcomes are a result of local people making local decisions about the places they love.

We're ten days away from the LGNZ Conference, and that means the biggest night in local government is almost here - the LGNZ EXCELLENCE Awards!

This year there are 14 amazing finalist entries vying for five awards - find out more about their projects in this issues.

LGNZ are working to ensure that our regional, rural, city and district councils are having their say at the highest levels of government.   We're now almost half way through the 'year of delivery', and the central government policy machine is ramping up.

LGNZ's advocacy is focused on giving life to a strong democracy that provides a safe home for all faiths and walks of life. Friday's attacks on the Linwood and Al Noor mosques in Christchurch were an affront to this vision.

We put sea level rise in the headlines with the release of 'Vulnerable: the quantum of infrastructure at risk of sea level rise,' sparking nationwide discussion.  In January, LGNZ President Dave Cull's oped on the proposed Urban Development Authority hit the proverbial RMA issues nail on the head, while LGNZ's position on water continues to provoke discussion ahead of the Three Waters Reform happening throughout the year.

In this edition of Frontpage News we focus on water, where there has been ongoing discussion around the three waters - drinking water, wastewater and stormwater - as well as a new programme announced to tackle freshwater quality.

There have been some big announcements on water, housing, tourism and wellbeing over the last month, and LGNZ are asking the hard questions on them.  Read on to find out where we stand on these topics and what the media are saying.

In this edition of Frontpage News we take a look at the big issues in local government and round up recent media coverage across climate change, waste management, tourism infrastructure funding, council performance, the environment and more.

LGNZ Conference 2018 and AGM headlines Frontpage news this month where the LGNZ EXCELLENCE Awards winners were announced and Project Localism was launched by LGNZ and The New Zealand Initiative.

In Frontpage News this month, there is an update on the latest report due out of LGNZ's Water 2050 project, which focuses on the cost and funding of water infrastructure.

This edition of Frontpage News features the release of the first Water 2050 discussion paper: Governance – A better framework for drinking water regulation.

Good morning,

In this edition of Frontpage News we provide our early response to the Government’s $3 billion-over-three-years Provincial Growth Fund, preview this week’s meeting with Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis on freedom camping, and provide an update on the CouncilMARK™ local government excellence programme.

Good morning,

In this edition of Frontpage News we take a look back at some of the key moments of 2017, consider the impacts of the Havelock North Drinking Water Inquiry report, provide updates on our major water and climate change projects, and share some photos and outcomes from this month’s…

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In this Frontpage News we outline the key issues to br progressed with the new Government, raise the issue of infrastructure funding for councils in growing areas and provide updates on LGNZ's Water 2050 and climate change projects.

Dear Member,

In this Frontpage News we recap last week’s excellent LGNZ conference, including the new LGNZ leadership, our policies launched and the EXCELLENCE Award winners. The conference was a great success, attended by over 650 delegates from local government and its stakeholders, industry and the community.

Dear member,

In this edition of Frontpage News we launch the first reports from the inaugural year of the local government excellence programme, CouncilMARK™.

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In this edition of Frontpage News we share the LGNZ perspective on a range of issues including the recent announcements on policing, the Productivity Commission’s ‘Better urban planning’ report, the upcoming New Zealand China Mayoral Forum and the ongoing discussion about the funding of tourism infrastructure.

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In this edition of Frontpage News we share stories on the growing call from around the country for more funding for tourism infrastructure, comment on ACT’s new housing policies, why the current fluoridation legislation needs more work and LGNZ’s response to the Government’s proposal to ban products containing plastic…

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In this edition of Frontpage News we report on the efforts councils around the country are making to help those affected by the serious earthquakes of last week.

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In this edition of Frontpage News we bring you the latest on the Local Government Excellence Programme, introduce a new guide to understanding risk financing in a changing world, and provide an update on the innovative approach to tackling the negative impacts of freedom camping taken by local government…

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In this edition of Frontpage News we bring you the latest from the 2016 LGNZ conference, including policies launched, 2016 EXCELLENCE Award winners and our newest life members.  

Policies include LGNZ’s 2050 Challenge and a series of proposed changes to the resource management act.

In this edition of Frontpage News we are delighted to announce the finalists of the 2016 LGNZ EXCELLENCE Awards. We have updates on the Local Government Excellence Programme, the 2016 local elections, the upcoming LGNZ Conference and discussion of New Zealand’s housing situation.

Vote2016 major partners coming on board
LGNZ has signed up a number of major partners in the Vote2016 campaign, and with several more in the pipeline. Local election turnout has been declining since the 1980s with only 42 per cent of New Zealanders voting in the 2013 elections.

Local funding for tourism infrastructure
New Zealand’s regions are experiencing unprecedented tourism growth.   While this is good news for our communities’ regional economic development, increased tourism traffic intensifies the burden placed on local infrastructure.

The 2016 LGNZ Conference
The 2016 LGNZ Conference will take place at the Dunedin Centre from 24 - 26 July 2016.