Voting opens for 2019 local elections

Published: September 20, 2019

News type: National news   

Voting in the 2019 local government elections is an opportunity to shape the future of New Zealand and people can expect to receive their voting papers from today says LGNZ Chief Executive Malcolm Alexander.

“There’s been a lot of robust public conversation around climate change, the housing crisis, the quality of our water and transport options, and now is the time to turn that conversation into a vote that influences your local leadership.”

“Local government elected representatives have a huge impact on the places we love, through the environmental, social, economic and cultural decisions that they make. 

“There are over 2,000 candidates standing who have many different perspectives, so it’s vital that voters exercise their democratic right to select those people whom they wish to represent them locally over the next three years.”

Voting papers for city, district and regional councils will be posted out to eligible voters from 20 September and must be posted or hand delivered in time to reach their local council’s electoral officer by 12 noon on 12 October. 

“Local government shapes the place that you live, the footpaths you walk on, the roads you drive, the water in your shower, and the parks, libraries and swimming pool where you take the kids,” says Mr Alexander.

This year, LGNZ are encouraging people to mail their voting papers Vote Day, Saturday 5 October, to ensure they arrive at council offices before the cut-off date of midday Saturday 12 October.

“I would encourage people to vote as soon as possible after receiving your voting papers in the post.”

“Don’t put them to one side or stick them to the fridge where they will get covered up by other stuff.  Sit down and fill them in as soon as you can, then post them back.  A vibrant democracy depends on voters voting.

“By voting you can make a real difference and give your support to those candidates who best represent your hopes and values.”

Further information about the election, including the candidates standing in your area, how to fill in voting papers and how the Single Transferable Vote (STV) and First Past the Post (FPP) voting systems work is available at

If you are not enrolled you may still vote, however, you will need to contact your local council’s electoral officer in order to make a casting vote.

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