Haven’t received your voting papers? There’s still time to make a special vote

Published: October 1, 2019

News type: National news   

Local Government New Zealand is urging anyone who hasn’t received voting papers in the mail to pop into their local council office or contact their local electoral officer to make a special vote in their local elections.

“If you haven’t received local election voting papers in the mail, don’t worry, there’s still time to make a special vote,” says LGNZ Chief Executive Malcolm Alexander.

“Either pop into your local council office to enrol and vote at the same time, or give your local electoral officer a call to obtain a special voting paper, then either mail or drop it back to council, so it arrives before midday Saturday 12 October.”

A list of electoral officers for each council can be found at www.vote2019.co.nz.

A number of councils are also running one-stop shop voting centres, at both council offices as well as libraries and other community centres. 

Special votes are typically made when an eligible elector hasn’t enrolled before 16 August, and therefore won’t receive voting papers in the mail.  They can also be made if the voting paper has been damaged or lost, if it’s not practicable for the elector to cast an ordinary vote (e.g. is overseas) or if the elector is on the Unpublished Roll.

“Local government is shaping the future of New Zealand through the provision of our vital infrastructure such as roads, three waters and public transport, as well as our town centres, parks, recreation facilities and much more,” says Mr Alexander.

“Local elections are a chance for New Zealanders need to take action on the issues affecting them directly.”

LGNZ is also urging people to send their postal votes on Vote Day - this Saturday 5 October.

“Voting papers have to arrive at council offices by midday Saturday 12 October, so sending them in on Vote Day gives them plenty of time to get through the postal system,” continued Mr Alexander.

For more information about local elections visit www.vote2019.co.nz.

Information on candidates can be found on council websites, in local media, and at policylocal.nz.

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