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Nominations for this year’s local body elections close tomorrow and there’s been a concerningly low number in some parts of the country. We know Councils will have questions about what happens if there aren’t enough candidates to fill their vacant seats, so we’ve written a Q&A so you know what to expect if you find your council in this situation. Your Council’s Electoral Officer will be able to answer any questions you have too.  

 Last election saw the lowest number of nominations in relation to available seats since LGNZ began collecting data. At this rate, we risk seeing an even lower number this year.  “Competition for seats is a sign of a healthy democracy.

This has led Local Government New Zealand’s CouncilMARK programme to award the Council an A grade in its latest independent assessment report published today, improving on its previous score of BBB.

Michael McCartney, Regional Chief Executive Officers Group Convenor for Te Uru Kahika – Regional and Unitary Councils Aotearoa said the regional sector is hard at work on the complex challenge of responding to climate change impacts.

Today the Government released its National Adaptation Plan (NAP), which aims to address the harmful impacts of climate change.  


“Councils and communities at risk from the impacts of climate change need more clarity on their options to help residents adapt,” Stuart Crosby said.

Despite the challenges associated with the region’s rapid population growth and with the added pressure of operating in a Covid-19 environment, the report found that the Council has made significant inroads over the last four years.

Remit #1 Central government funding for public transport 

 This remit was proposed by Porirua City Council and supported by the Metro Sector.

Local Government New Zealand’s (LGNZ) member councils have today passed a remit, proposed by Kaipara District Council, that calls on the Government to limit the retail availability of vapes to specialist stores and include proximity restrictions in this year’s round of amendments.

“It’s abundantly clear that when it comes to the management and delivery of the country’s drinking, waste and storm water, one size does not fit all,” says President Stuart Crosby.  “The local government sector has been advocating for water reforms for decades.