We want more Kiwis to get involved.

LGNZ's Vote2016 campaign has been about listening and engaging on the issues that matter to people that will make New Zealand a better place to live, work and play.

It’s about people having their say at the 2016 local elections and voting for the issues that they care about for their family, business and community. 


Vote Day, 1 October

To make sure people voted early we urged people to post their papers on Saturday 1 October – or ‘Vote Day’.

Our research has shown some of the main reasons people give for not voting are they forgot, ran out of time or were too busy.

Click here to view our media release about Vote Day. 


How people could get involved

People could learn more about the Vote2016 campaign by following us via our social sites:

We regularly posted information about the elections and the issues we had been told that matter to New Zealanders through our research.

For more information about our background research to the Vote2016 campaign click here

To link to our media release click here: A new campaign to increase voter turnout at the 2016 Local Authority Elections

For more information on voting in Auckland please click here

Kids Voting

We wanted more Kiwis to get involved in the 2016 Local Authority Elections – and that includes our future voters!

The Kids Voting initiative was aimed at 11-15 year old students (school years 7 to 10) to experience the election process first hand: considering and discussing key issues, voting for candidates on real issues, and being able to compare their results against the official election results.

To view a list of schools which participated click here

Click here for a Teachers Guide to Kids Voting 2016further information and a range of useful resources.

If you are in the Auckland region, please contact or click here for more information.