2015 CBEC Conference

The theme of the 2015 Community Boards Conference was Influencing Change. 

It was the tenth Community Boards conference and took place from 14-16 May 2013 in Waitangi.

Presentations from the 2015 Community Board Conference can be found below:


Change agent or change inhibitor?

Tania McInnes, Deputy Mayor, FNDC


Community Empowerment: TCDC Case Study

David Hammond, CEO, Thames CDC


Consulting with communities and councils on the roll out of broadband

Gerard Linstrom, Chorus


TALENT NZ: Creating a place where talent wants to live

Wendy McGuinness and Hannah Steiner, McGuinness Institute


Local Government – spectators or players in Community wellbeing?

Monique Davidson, Horowhenua DC


Coromandel: turning good examples into everyday normal

David Hammond, CEO, Thames CDC with a CB member


Time to step up for our kids - the need for leadership in our communities 

Dr Justine Cornwall, Deputy Children's Commissioner


Growing great neighbourhoods

Denise Bijoux, Inspiring Communities


Another liquor licence application? Yeah nah!

Laurie Gabites


Community or Local - what's the difference?

Mike Reid, Principal Policy Advisor, LGNZ


Influencing change through fair and equitable public participation

Michelle Blicavs, CEO, and Carol Heyward, IAP2 Australasia


Creating Child and Youth Friendly Cities

Deborah Morris-Travers


How can social enterprise help to empower and transform our communities?

Alex Hannant