International Review for Social Housing

Social housing is housing provided for people who are most in need. Affordable housing is generally defined as housing that is affordable to those at or below a median income (as determined by Government) using a housing affordability index. The focus of this review is to provide case studies of social housing, but as does include affordable housing examples as it intendeds to display a broad variety supply lines. It includes examples of policy
and operational frameworks that inform social (and in some cases affordable housing) responses. Initiatives are organised into two tables as follows:

Table 1 clearly displays data for each country identified in Table 2, including gross domestic product (GDP) and population. Comparison shows the scale and characteristics of the subject country and New Zealand.

Table 2 contains specific information about ten housing initiatives, including;

  • Whether the initiative is policy based, operational, or both. Policy initiatives describe mechanisms (eg tax incentives) or strategies to deliver social housing. Also included are ‘on-the-ground’ initiatives that
    have delivered housing stock.
  • Sector groups (ie metropolitan, provincial and rural).
  • Advantages and disadvantages of housing solutions.
  • Implications of local government initiatives, including interface between central and local government.
  • Where the mechanism may fit within the LGNZ's supply tools included in LGNZ’s Social Housing Toolkit.

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Table 1: Country characteristics


Case Studies: International local government responses to stimulate social housing supply

  1. Y Foundation and Housing First (Finland)
  2. New Community of Vallastaden (Sweden)
  3. Public Private Partnership (Ireland)
  4. Empty Homes Tax (Canada)
  5. De Dichterlijke Vrijheid (Netherlands)
  6. Municipal Project for Intergenerational Housing and Community Service (Spain)
  7. Granby Four Street, Community Led Housing Project (United Kingdom)
  8. Harris Transportable Housing (Australia)
  9. Navan Social Housing (Ireland)
  10. Public Practice (United Kingdom)


References: International Desktop Review

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Social Housing International Case Studies 

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