New standing orders now available

The work on re-drafting the local government standing orders is now complete and a new version of standing orders is available for purchase.  The LGNZ standing orders’ working party has now finalised three standing order templates to meet the needs of territorial local authorities, regional councils and community boards.  

The cost of the full set, including the Standing Orders’ Guide, will be $250 plus GST.  Please see below for details on  how to order. 

The new standing order template include significant changes from previous versions of standing orders, for your information these include: 

  • A new structure that integrates statutory and non statutory standing orders in an intuitive structure
  • The right to make copies and provide these to members of the public when requested
  • Plan English wording where practicable
  • The addition of options for moving and seconding amendments
  • Clarification of complex and controversial issues
  • Inclusion of recent legislative changes affecting standing orders
  • Clarification on the right of a chairperson to make rulings

The templates come as word documents to enable councils to easily adapt them to their own circumstances.  Councils that purchase copies will be provided with updates to the standing orders as they become necessary.   

How to order.

Please email Jo Parker with the following information:

1. What template you would like:

  • Territorial local authority template 
  • Regional council template 
  • Community board template

2. Purchase Order Number made out to Equip GP Ltd

Once the above information has been received the template will be sent by email to the address provided. 

The total cost, regardless of whether you order a single template or all three will be $250 plus GST.  Please note that all councils that order a template will receive the Guide to Standing Orders at no additional cost. Non-member pricing is available on request.

Copyright Notice:

This is a copyright work. All rights of the copyright owner are reserved. Except for dealings with the work that are permitted under the Copyright Act 1994, no part of this work may be adapted, reproduced, recorded, stored in any material form (including any digital format), in any medium and by any means. Applications to authorise the doing of a restricted act in relation to this copyright work must be made to the publisher, EquiP LP.

On purchasing this work the purchasing Council will be granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable licence to:

  • amend the standing orders (Amended Standing Orders) so that they are suitable for the Council’s specific context and needs;
  • copy the Amended Standing Orders for use by the Council’s employees and elected members and the public; and
  • place the Amended Standing Orders on the Council or public website.

The Council will not supply or make available to any third party a copy of the Guide, the Standing Orders or the Amended Standing Orders other than as permitted by this licence.

EquiP has made every reasonable effort to provide accurate information in this work, however it is not advice and we do not accept any responsibility for actions taken that may be based on reading it. 

Copyright © 2019 EquiP

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Date updated: 27 March 2019