Governance 101

Governance 101

Governance 101, presented by Mary Bourke, is one part of the ‘Build Technical Knowledge’ series of digital modules.

EquiP has developed this series to provide a nationally consistent set of induction training modules to all New Zealand councils on the technical topics required by elected members.

These modules build technical knowledge and skills across all elected members enabling their informed decisions and contributions to effective council practice.  

The modules come with a handy workbook reference guide. If you haven’t already, please download and print this as you will need to refer to this during the module, and in your subsequent good governance practice. 

To help the retention of your learning we have added some interactive activities through-out this module. You will find the answers to these from listening to the module presenter, or via subsequent actions and reflections during your elected role.

Also included are some common scenarios that you may face as an elected member which will ask you to test your knowledge. This will give you the assurance that you know your stuff and are ready to move to the next module.  

Hopefully, by now you have already completed the Elected Member Skills and Knowledge Check. I encourage you to redo this after you have completed this module series. I am sure that you will be delighted with your new knowledge scores and your increased input to effective community decisions.

About the Presenter

Mary Bourke, EquiP Facilitator

Mary Bourke served five terms as Mayor of South Taranaki District from 1992, before choosing not to seek re-election in 2007. She is older and greyer now, having since survived governance roles in health, education and the philanthropic sectors.   

Under the banner of MaryBourke Unlimited, she is self-employed as a freelance facilitator and is passionate about unlocking the wisdom of groups and communities who can (if allowed) design the best solutions for their own problems.