DLC 201 - The Process

DLC 201 - The Process

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Digital Module - Based on ‘Competency Guidelines for DLC members’ and using case studies and discussion to define how DLC process supports DLC actions.

Programme overview

DLC 201 – The Process. What do I need to do as a member of a DLC?


To provide guidance to territorial authorities on the competencies needed to be an effective member of a DLC.

To enable District Licensing Committee members to make the decisions needed to give their communities more control over the sale and supply of alcohol in their area.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • describe the functions and powers of a DLC;
  • define the roles and functions of DLC members;
  • outline the competency, relationship and resourcing requirements of DLCs; and
  • using case studies, recommend the appropriate district licensing actions.
Target audience
  • Elected Members and members of the public who are going to be a chair/commissioner or member of a DLC.
  • Elected members generally to increase their knowledge of the function and operation of DLC so that they can respond to community questions.
  • Any support staff such as regulatory services or democratic services who will be processing applications or supporting the "hearings process".
  • Managers of the regulatory group.

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