NOTE: This webinar was sponsored by ArcBlue, a partner of EquiP, and is offered free of charge. Originally aired on 19 September 2018, this webinar is offered on-demand on our EquiPTV platform.

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A large part of a council’s customer service delivery is performed by suppliers. ArcBlue benchmarking has revealed that on average, Council procurement spend represents 40%-60% of overall expenditure. How Councils structure and undertake their procurement activities can have a significant impact on service delivery outcomes. Councils can improve their procurement outcomes through gaining an understanding of their current procurement maturity and actioning a targeted plan to reach their desired future state.   

LGNZ and ArcBlue have partnered to deliver the Procuring for Impact program to local government across New Zealand. The program combines the LEARNING Program and the LEAP Program to uplift procurement capability.

To find out more on the LEARNING and LEAP Programs, click here. 

 Learning Outcomes

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • explain the challenges that face procurement in a local government setting;
  • describe the importance of good procurement to Councils' service delivery and performance outcomes; and
  • identify how the 'Procuring for Impact' program can assist your council in addressing your procurement challenges and enhance your procurement outcomes. 

Recommended Audience

This webinar is for elected members, senior management and anyone else interested in understanding the opportunities that exist when a focused approach to developing procurement is implemented and how the Procuring for Impact program addresses this. 

About the presenter

Tony Kerr, Senior Consultant, ArcBlue 

Tony has spent almost 9 years managing strategic and operational procurement activities at the City of Greater Geelong. During his time there, Tony was recognised as a leading procurement professional within the Local Government industry and received the Procurement Australia “Individual Excellence in Procurement” Award for his work transforming Councils procurement operations into industry best practice. Tony received state-wide recognition for his leadership of a highly successful procurement change program that required significant stakeholder engagement skills to gain buy-in from staff and executive management.

Since commencing with ArcBlue, Tony has taken the lead on ArcBlue’s large Local Government portfolio and has continued to build an extensive and diverse procurement portfolio.

Read Tony's full bio here. 

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