Managing Earthquake-Prone Buildings

Managing Earthquake-Prone Buildings

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NOTE: This webinar is being sponsored by the MBIE to give elected members, senior management, and anyone else, an overview of the new system for managing earthquake-prone buildings. Originally aired on 2 November 2017, this webinar is offered on-demand and free of charge on our EquiPTV platform.

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When buildings fail in earthquakes they can endanger the lives of occupants and people passing by and New Zealand needs to manage that risk. There have been significant changes to the way our most vulnerable buildings are identified and managed, thanks to a new national system introduced in July 2017.

The new system for managing earthquake-prone buildings is nationally consistent and targets buildings that pose the greatest risk to public safety and other property in an earthquake. It takes into account variations in seismicity across the country and sets time frames for action.

This webinar is for elected members, senior management and anyone else wanting an overview of the new system for managing earthquake-prone buildings. We discuss the implications for your council and the building owners in your district – remembering that councils are building owners too.  

Learning outcomes

As a result of participating in this webinar, you will have:

  • an overview of the system including an introduction to the new concept of priority buildings;
  • an understanding of the role and responsibilities of territorial authorities and building owners; and
  • an introduction to key documents that set out the process to follow.

About the presenter

John Gardiner, MBIE

John Gardiner is a project manager for the implementation of new earthquake-prone building legislation at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). He’s given more presentations than he cares to remember and what he doesn’t know about earthquake-prone buildings isn’t worth knowing, so this promises to be a lively and valuable session.

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