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This webinar is 45 minutes long.

The elected member’s roles in when, why and how to seek the community’s views, without blowing the budget or developing consultation fatigue.

As you’re making decisions, you need to keep in mind the views of your community on issues, and make choices about consulting them.

There’s a delicate balance between being efficient, being inclusive and engaging, and not exhausting your community with unnecessary consultation. Do it incorrectly, and your council can end up on the wrong side of a judicial review. 

Key themes

This is a first principles, plain-speaking guide to:

  • the principles of consultation;
  • consultation and engagement – what they are and when they’re used;
  • responsibility to involve Maori in decision making; and
  • submissions, hearings, and the ‘open but not empty’ mind.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • become familiar with the relevant sections of the LGA;
  • learn about the nature and significance of decisions in seeking community views;
  • learn about a range of different techniques which have been applied;
  • be briefed on the differences between the consultation requirements of the RMA and the LGA; and
  • understand the concept of predetermination, and what that means in practice.

About the presenter

Sue Wells, former Christchurch City Councillor

Sue has served five terms as a Christchurch City Councillor and six as a Christchurch Community Board member.  She is an accredited RMA Commissioner with Chair’s Accreditation, and is the South Island Planning Manager for The Property Group Ltd.  As an elected member, Sue’s “been there, done that”, made the mistakes and earned her stripes.  Her experience covers everything from dogs to drinking, gambling to prostitution (in a regulatory context), RMA consents and district plan changes, bylaw making, designing bespoke consultation processes, writing resolutions that stick, chairing hearings panels, chairing the Council’s submissions panel, chairing the Canterbury CDEM group, to serving nine years as a board member on Christchurch City Holdings Limited and another three on Orion Group.

Sue understands the real-world pressures faced when you are on a council or community board, and is a passionate advocate of upskilling local government elected members.

Her pre-council life was spent in broadcasting, on both radio and television.  She was the first presenter to host a show on CTV, a channel with which she still holds a strong connection.

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