Freedom Camping

Freedom Camping

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Aired on 11 August 2016, this webinar is now available on-demand on our EquiP TV platform.

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Price: $150+GST per person

Freedom Camping issues have grown in importance to New Zealand councils and are frequently engaging LGNZ in multi-party collaborations and advocacy.  With tourism having become our largest industry, growth has created significant issues in communities around the management of non-self-contained camper vans.  The number of these vans has grown to 60,000 annually, placing pressure on facilities, environments and, in some locations, deeply concerning communities.  There is currently no training in the sector on how to manage the issues or how to develop broad freedom camping strategies.

David Hammond, an associate of EquiP, has designed a webinar to assist councils to develop a broad freedom camping strategy to address issues in their own areas. The webinar will explore the range of methods to build a freedom camping strategy to take a balanced and sustainable approach to the issue.

Learning Outcomes

This 45-minute webinar is designed to assist councils in developing a broad freedom camping strategy to address issues in their own areas. Specifically, the objectives are:

  • Explore the contemporary research on the value that freedom camping brings to areas and how this value can be captured in a Freedom Camping Strategy;
  • Describe the main problems which emerge in freedom camping and the range of methods to address these issues;
  • Identify and critique the range of regulatory tools suitable for councils to manage Freedom Camping; and
  • Develop a structure for a balanced Freedom Camping Strategy suitable for your own area. 

About the presenter

David Hammond

David Hammond has been very active in assisting organisations including LGNZ and MBIE to understand the freedom camping issue, is frequently sought out by the media on the subject and is currently developing a Freedom Camping Strategy for Nelson City Council.



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