Council-Maori Participation Arrangements

Council-Maori Participation Arrangements

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Aired on 15 August 2017, this webinar is now available on-demand on our EquiP TV platform.

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This webinar is approx. 45 minutes long.


An opportunity that exists for all local authorities is to establish meaningful and ongoing relationships with Maori organisations within their cities, districts and regions. Councils operate under a number of statutory regimes that require interaction and a relationship with Maori. Underpinning this is the assumption that dialogue should be occurring in order to understand the values, aspirations and interest of Maori organisations.

Building relationships with Maori is not simply a matter of complying with legislation. Councils need to recognise and be responsive to, the nature and diversity of their communities. In particular, they should recognise the mandate and structures established by Maori communities within their communities. How this occurs, in addition to requirements set out in legislation, should be a matter of mutual negotiation that suits the particular context.

This webinar will include guest speakers, Bonita Bigham from Te Maruata and South Taranaki District Council, Nicky Karu from Wellington City Council and Chris Laidlaw Chair of the Wellington Greater Regional Council.

Webinar Purpose

To discuss and summarise the arrangements in place across the country to give Maori a voice to support community well-being.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • consider a range of approaches to building relationships;
  • review your own council’s approach;
  • decide which may work best for your community; and
  • plan to establish effective relationships. 

About the presenter

Paul Beverley

Paul leads the resource management and Māori law team in Buddle Findlay's Wellington office.

He specialises in RMA consenting and processes, Māori law, Treaty settlements and conservation law. 

Paul is a leading external adviser to the Crown and local authorities on obligations to Māori and Treaty settlement negotiations. He is part of the core Crown negotiation teams on a number of Treaty settlements including in relation to the Waikato River, Whanganui River, Te Urewera National Park, Te Hiku (Northland) and Te Tau Ihu (Top of the South Island).  Paul currently advises the Auckland Council on its obligations to Māori under a wide range of legislation and on the current Tamaki Makaurau collective settlement over Auckland's maunga (volcanic cones).  He also advises on building constructive relationships and dialogue with Māori. 

Expertise: Understanding Te Ao Māori

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