Cambridge Community Board - Case Study

Cambridge Community Board - Case Study

NOTE: This webinar was sponsored by EquiP and is offered free of charge. Originally aired on 20 February 2020, this webinar is offered on-demand on our EquiPTV platform.

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Firstly, congratulations to Cambridge Community Board on winning the 2019 Supreme Winner: Community Board Best Practice Awards. What a fabulous achievement, and recognition of their great work.  

As the supreme award winner, Cambridge Community Board has the opportunity to record and share their great work story with the whole Community Board audience via an EquiP produced webinar. 

Please join us for this free webinar, where you'll hear in-depth about this great news story, and perhaps consider how you might able to provide similar excellent outcomes for your community. 

Learning Outcomes

You'll learn about:

  • their project and what it involved;
  • the award judging process from their perspective; and
  • what they learned along the way and tips for entering awards.

Recommended Audience 

This webinar is suitable for:

  • Community Board Members