Supporting Council Performance

Supporting Council Performance

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NOTE: This webinar was sponsored by AskYourTeam, a partner of EquiP, and is offered free of charge. Originally aired on 2 August 2017, this webinar is offered on-demand on our EquiPTV platform.

Please email the EquiP team to gain access to the 'Supporting Council Performance' Development Space, where you'll find video-on-demand, audio-on-demand, video segments, PowerPoints, PDFs and other media and links to support your council achieve excellence in performance. 

Would your council benefit from understanding precisely how the organisation is performing in the areas that research has shown have the greatest impact on success?  

Would a tool that easily translates organisation feedback into action and improvements where they are needed be useful?

CEO’s have told us that they want a way to measure what really matters according to solid, up-to-the-minute research. It would need to help them quickly identify, locate and quantify the biggest performance blockages as well as examples of best practice. Finally, it had to come with full support, so that managers at all levels of the business would use it confidently, as often as needed - building a culture of continuous improvement. And so AskYourTeam was born.

EquiP has partnered with AskYourTeam to support council performance, and now brings you this free ‘Supporting Council Performance’ webinar which informs and describes the benefits of uncovering the knowledge held at all levels of your organisation.  

Together we can build strong, accountable leaders and positive, productive teams while driving measurable success.

Webinar Purpose

To share information about how councils can consult and work with their staff to inform and improve continuous performance.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • consider the benefits of council performance;
  • describe how  AskYourTeam can help councils improve performance;
  • reflect on some council stories of improvement; and
  • observe a demonstration of how the system works.

Webinar Audience

CE’s, Managers responsible for HR and Senior Managers responsible for the performance of large council teams. 

Webinar Presenter

Chris O'Reilly

Chris O'Reilly, CEO of AskYourTeam, is a professional director and strategic planning consultant to a wide range of businesses throughout New Zealand. Over the course of his career, he has gained substantial Chief Executive and General Manager experience across several industries including banking and financial services.

"I’ve spent my career in pursuit of excellence in organisational performance. At 27 I was appointed to my first CEO role. It was a rapid learning curve. I learnt early that organisations are nothing more than a collection of people. I learnt that rigid hierarchy is the enemy of sustainable excellence. Success is not dictated by how good the person at the top of the organisation is. Success is dictated by how good the people in their teams are. The most valuable lesson I learnt was to listen.

"I believe that everyone comes to work to do the best job they can. Everyone wants to work smarter. Everyone thinks about how they could do their job better and they would love the opportunity to share their ideas. They want their answers to be listened to and respected. People want more than simply being asked how they feel. They want to be asked the most important question, and the least asked question in business: “how can I help you do your job better?”

"I now lead AskYourTeam."



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