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EquiP’s On-demand Webinar option allows you to view our webinars anytime, anywhere.  You’ll also receive access to your own personal development space, where you can review material and hone your skills.

All on-demand webinars are now available on our EquiPTV platform.

Please email EquiP to purchase any on-demand webinar. 

Price: $150+GST

For our full list of pricing packages, click here. 

  • Your own development space
  • Access to webinar on-demand
  • Revisit & learn at your own pace
  • Chapterised for convenience
  • Access to audio on-demand
  • Access to presentation slides
  • Access to learning material
  • Licensed for 12 months

Pillars of Local Government Series

Climate Change Series 2018

Climate Change Series 2019 

Councils as Employers Series

Procuring for Impact Series

Emergency Series

Housing Series

Rules, Regulations & Legislation

Tourism Series

Transport Series

Partnership Series

Media & Communication Series

Finance Series

Other webinars

China 101 Series (development videos)

Consultation Webinars

Our Environment, Your Say!

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